A Passion for Music

Violin and grapes
In 1980, after returning home to Canada from a three year sojourn in Sweden to study classical guitar and work for The National Institute for Concerts in Stockholm, I let my very first love - music - get me into big trouble: I started a record company! Since my early childhood I have been exposed to all types of music. I can still remember quite vividly that day in 1966 when my father came home with the very first 'Mothers of Invention' LP 'Freak Out!' I was only eleven, but the music fascinated me and filled me with a passion that has never ebbed. My unquenchable appetite for music, both as a performer and listener, has taken me on a lifelong exploration and discovery of the cultural, political and social power wielded by a few simple notes strung together to make a tune. Whatever music does for you, whether it calms, stimulates, provokes, motivates or enrages you, the mystery and magic - the how and why of it all - will always remain an enigma.

Today, after almost three decades of hard work and dedication by a small staff, SRI occupies an enviable position as the largest independent Canadian importer and exporter of classical, jazz, nostalgia and world music. We represent dozens of the finest labels from Canada and around the world, all specially selected for their quality and integrity. Our knowledgeable sales staff are enthusiastic and passionate about sharing their discoveries with you. We are confident this web site will provide you with useful information about Canadian music and musicians, links to our associated labels around the globe, new and upcoming releases, and most importantly, an easy way of communicating with us. Now, lets go exploring. But remember, if you can't find what you're looking for or if you'd like some suggestions or guidance, please contact us!

Greg Pastic, President SRI Canada

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